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Each unique class is written and coached by our hands-on team of certified fitness professionals who encourage proper form and allow for modified movements based on ability and function. Class reservations are required and all classes are approximately 60 minutes long.

All classes require at a minimum participation to be held.

Every single class at BMF Fitness is adjustable for ANY fitness level. 

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Below is our current list of classes. Don’t get too comfortable because we like to mix things up a lot. We don’t repeat classes from week to week. We write new variations of the formats every single week so you can expect a unique experience each time you come to BMF. Our classes are fun, progressive, and safe for you to do whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been training for a while.

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Classes are opened 24 hours in advance but fill up quickly so bookmark that link so you won’t miss out.

Butts, Guns, & Guts

Muscle madness! Expect to be challenged in this progressive barbell/dumbbell weight lifting class. Increase strength, perfect form, and sculpt a stronger you! Build muscle (that’s a good thing!), define your body and lift your spirits! Great class for beginners! Learn how to lift weights with proper form with guided, certified instruction.
*Weight lifting gloves are recommended but not required.

The F-Word

This class focuses on Functional Training, which usually includes some type of resistance like dumbbells or barbells. Both veteran Blasters or newbies are welcome. During this class, we translate functional training into real-world movements so attendees can learn specific muscle engagements which allows them to create better mind and muscle connections.

Triple 7

Inspired by the Triple 7 machine in Vegas this interactive class lets members get a say in how the class proceeds in the fun bonus round. It includes three working intervals; 7 minutes of resistance, cardio, and core plus a bonus round. If you’re looking to maximize your time in the gym this is the class for you. Especially great for newbies since you’re going to get a complete workout in a short amount of time. Largest single attended class in BMF history when it debuted.

Dirty Yoga

Namaste madness! A beautiful fusion of our Dirty 30 and yoga. This class will be salty and sweet! For the first 30 minutes, we will grind and burn. For the last 30, we will flow and relax. Great class for new members! Gives you a taste of the higher intensity in a 30-minute format. Accommodates those who can’t really handle a whole hour of yoga. Two fitness tastes in one hour!

Revolution Ride

Spin REVOLUTIONIZED!! Pedal away hundreds of calories during this rockin’ cardio class while building lower body strength and a solid core. New, fun, cutting-edge modalities cranked out on the bike. This class is a party with pedals attached!

Barre Pilates

Mimics barre work and how strong ballet dancers are. It is a bit higher paced and set to funky, high-energy music. Great for people who want to get an experience that focuses on smaller more concentrated movements to increase their muscular endurance. Works butts, strengthens legs, and core. Very little time for rest and flows from one movement to the next. Variations include Barre to Bar and Top Shelf.

Fluid Strength

Flow your way to a stronger, healthier body with this cool fusion class! Choreographed movements set to fun, fresh music will have you gliding your way to a rockin’ bod! Fluidity, control, balance and core and all-over strength are the focus! Light weights compliment the movements and add another layer of excitement!

Rope Burn

It is a full-body non-traditional circuit style class that uses the battle rope. Battle ropes are great for upper body strength and focuses on cardiovascular and muscular endurance. We sometimes incorporate dumbells, kettlebells, Bosu balls, gliding disks, spinners, or things that you don’t see in a traditional circuit class. This class is great indoor and outdoor depending on the weather.

Dirty 30

You’re in and out in 30 minutes. This class is for people who want to get in a quick and dirty workout before heading home. It includes a warm-up, workout and cool-down in 30 minutes. If you don’t have a lot of time in your schedule or work late and want to get in a quick workout this is a great class whether you’re a beginner or seasoned Blaster where you can go as easy or as hard as you want.

The Gauntlet

Our newest format and member favorite. This interval cardio workout focuses on increasing your endurance and developing your love of running. Great for beginners, as each set is based on timing principles to include work and rest. Lace up your kicks and let’s get going! No running experience necessary. *Default meet-up location is Burroughs Park.

Rep Effect

One of our most popular, Rep Effect is a choreographed weight lifting class. It will increase your muscular endurance as you experience the benefits of weightlifting plus cardiovascular endurance. This workout uses both barbells and dumbells and will challenge the entire body. The music is a huge part of the fun of this class and you can expect to have fun working out while pushing through to failure.

Shake That

This is a Ladies Night Fun Dance Party! Open to the Public, friends of the Blasters can come in for $10. Bring a snack to share or BYOB, so we can socialize after the class. Whether there are 5 or 10, these classes always have amazing energy. We always have a theme so be sure to check to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. It’s a great escape from the everyday hustle and bustle where you can have a bit of fun and let your hair down. Some of our past themes: 80’s, Black and White, or the all pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is an adults-only class, we recommend that you leave the kids at home.


Turn your training up to TEN…TEN reps, TEN rounds. This wicked good circuit accumulator will progress you through a ladder of varying exercises. No equipment is off limits. No man or woman left behind.

Tabata Yoga

This trendy fusion class marries familiar yoga practice with a staple conditioning workout, Tabata. Each dedicated flow takes you through a series of poses held for 20 seconds each. The flow will build strength and stamina while improving muscle flexibility and joint mobility.

Turn ‘N’ Burn

Our original dynamic fusion class is back! This total-body workout experience happens both on and off the bike. It is designed to push you to the limit! Find your threshold and conquer your fear. The only thing stationary is the bike!


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