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What we offer

BMF Pledges to bring energy, enthusiasm and fun to each session while encouraging each participant to be better everyday.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes & Personal Training

Our group classes and private training sessions are designed to accommodate anyone – at any fitness level. Our certified coaches are ready to help you transform your body and improve your health.



Our nutrition coaches give you the tools and support to show you what realistic and sustainable healthy eating can do for your health.



We’ll be your own personal accountability coaches. We are experts at keeping you on track!



“Better Together” is our motto – and we mean it! Together we are unstoppable!



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Book a free consultation with one of our program directors. Give us a few minutes of your time and we will show you the plan toward meeting your goals.

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Come check out the place where you’ll work hard, smile big and sweat a lot!

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Our space is open, bright and brand new.  We offer a friendly and fun atmosphere that welcomes everyone!


Fool me once…

Fool me once…

SHAME ON YOU! FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME!! I'm sure you've said this before, right? How many times are you going to fall for the bullshit?  How many times are you going to buy a plan, lose weight, starve to death, fall off the wagon (because you're starving to death),...

Stuck in the SUCK!

Stuck in the SUCK!

Life sucks sometimes. Don't get stuck in the suck and get swallowed up!!  Your suck is really no different than anyone else's.  You've got to have a VISION to see past where you are stuck so you can make your way to the other side. When you are stuck, do you expect...

Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time I have this message hanging on the wall in my home office - I have it there to remind me that the fight is worth it. Fuck.  Some days....if I am being honest, I feel impatient and hopeless. Growing this business over the past 10 years has been...

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