I’m sure you’ve said this before, right?

How many times are you going to fall for the bullshit?  How many times are you going to buy a plan, lose weight, starve to death, fall off the wagon (because you’re starving to death), and gain back all the weight you lost plus more? How. Many. Times?  How many times are you willing to be fooled before you realize that it’s not them  – it’s you…and I say this to you because I did the same thing – many, many, many times.

Aren’t you sick of that?  I know I was.

Why are you willing to “sell your soul” to be thin? Well, I know the answer to that already…so guess it’s a rhetorical question, really.  But, for real, I swear, if there was a pill that would magically melt all the extra body fat off but turn your skin green in the process – people would be lined up for the magic “Shrek Diet Pill!”  And you’d pay whatever price it cost. Obviously, I am being a smart ass, but you know it’s true!

I am so upset over the latest and greatest….um, I mean latest and DANGEROUS diet fads that are scattered all over Facebook and Instagram!  Fads that are appealing to hundreds of thousands of followers.  Fads that are ultimately negatively affecting hundreds of thousands of people!! It makes me cringe.  Actually, it pisses me off because these so called “fitness influencers” have let you down; they deceive you while they are smiling at you during their latest reel or post; they sour the whole industry – but NOT BEFORE they’ve made millions.  It should be illegal. It should be punishable.

How do we keep letting this happen though? By exploiting our “I will do anything” to lose weight mindset and by exploiting our insecurities.  But the reality is, we will do anything except get up and go to the gym consistently, stop eating out, stop drinking alcohol, start meal prepping – we’ll do anything except the REAL work it takes to change your lifestyle.

Now, listen – what I am about to say is MY OPINION – I have over 15 years in the industry and over 40 years of experience in the weight loss arena (yep, started dieting when I was 10 YEARS OLD!!)  There are bunch of weight loss programs online – too many to count.  But there are two programs in particular – that I will not mention by name – that are spreading around like wild fire that want to talk about.

Both of these programs are:

  • Selling quick results at the expense of your metabolism, your recovery, your mental well-being and you longevity!!
  • Advertising all over social media using catch phrases like “we transform lives” and “we have a better way” and “develop the discipline to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle” when there is nothing about them that creates sustainable healthy habits.
  • Preying on people who have “tried it all” and who are desperate for a real change.
  • Encouraging a VLCD (very low calorie diet) which is unsafe and should only be done under medical supervision.
  • Making millions of dollars at your expense.

So – here’s what they do

  • they put you on your “custom” meal plan that is literally 1000 calories or less a day – which is not custom at all because it’s the same plan that every other person who buys the 8-week package is on.
  • They tell you to eat bars and shakes for two meals a day then eat “lean and green” for the last meal of the day.
  • They highly restrict or eliminate carbohydrates.
  • They restrict real life eating.
  • They cycle their programs so you’ll have to buy another “round” again and again.

Meanwhile, they don’t know you – your lifestyle – your struggles – your relationship with food – your habits – your health – THEY DON’T KNOW and THEY DON’T CARE….as long as you keep buying!!

I am trying to wrangle in my thoughts and words because I could rant about this all day – in 1000 blog posts!!  These kinds of programs are ultimately leaving you with nothing sustainable. They damage your metabolism.  They mess with your head.  They dehydrate you.  BUT – you are hooked because you are losing weight FAST! Then, you stop (because it’s unrealistic and unsustainable) and gain the weight you lost and more back.  Then, you feel like the failure.  Then, you begin to believe you’ll never be able to lose the weight for good.  Then, you’ll see someone do the same plan who loses weight – and you are envious.  Then, you’ll figure out a way to blame yourself for having to start over.  Then, when you are ready to “start on Monday” they will be waiting with open arms and gladly accept your credit card number – again.

Can we do better?  Please?

If you stop buying – they will have no one left to sell to.

If you stop believing in the bullshit – they’ll have no one to lie to.

If you start admitting that REAL CHANGE takes HARD WORK – their quick fix will be dispelled – AND YOU WILL BE FREE!!

FREE to find a real professional that you can see –  in person, talk to  – in person, be accountable to – in person and celebrate your success with – in person.


It’s simple but it’s not a quick fix.  It’s easy but you’ve got to do the work.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s what we do best. It’s why we are BMF.

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