Life sucks sometimes.

Don’t get stuck in the suck and get swallowed up!!  Your suck is really no different than anyone else’s.  You’ve got to have a VISION to see past where you are stuck so you can make your way to the other side.

When you are stuck, do you expect other people to pull you out?  When you are stuck, do you wallow in it for a while?  When you are stuck do you tell everyone about it? When you are stuck are you too proud to ask for help?

It is SOOOOO easy to concede to it.  It is SOOOOO easy to let it defeat you.  It is SOOOOO easy to wrap yourself in the negativity of it.  It is SOOOOO easy to let it change you.

I could write on this subject…like, really write on this subject – but instead, I just want to leave you with a few things to think about…

What if you didn’t take the easy way?
What would that look like?
What would it require?
What are you willing to do to get yourself un-stuck?
What if you dug your heels in and pulled yourself out?

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