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sinking in quicksand
Stuck in the SUCK!

Stuck in the SUCK!

Life sucks sometimes. Don't get stuck in the suck and get swallowed up!!  Your suck is really no different than anyone else's.  You've got to have a VISION to see past where you are stuck so you can make your way to the other side. When you are stuck, do you expect...

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Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time I have this message hanging on the wall in my home office - I have it there to remind me that the fight is worth it. Fuck.  Some days....if I am being honest, I feel impatient and hopeless. Growing this business over the past 10 years has been...

Between the Burn and the Break

Between the Burn and the Break

Isn't there a saying..."A diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure"? Think about this for a second - If pressure brings out the best in us - what happens when we cave?  If we give in or give up under pressure, then what? And are there times when...

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