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 Transformations and Success Stories

Our featured transformations are not just about weight loss – but also about real change in how the person feels, how their body moves and how their mindset evolved as it relates to self-care and their overall health.

For us, taking care of ourselves is a way of life that leads to improved mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  At BMF, we recognize that being healthier means being better for those that we love.

Take a look at what some of our members have experienced.

Nayeli Ramirez, BMFer since 2017

Last year before Covid, I was down to a normal size in my eyes and I didn’t realize it. Well after the Covid shutdown and going through losing my mom, I gained a couple of pounds back. Let’s say double. And even though my gym coaches and girlfriends kept telling me to come back, I kept telling them to give me until January and they said fine. Then January rolls around and they kept persisting, I said fine. Well, I chose the WRONG day to go back. Why? Because it was a challenge, 2,021 reps of different exercises of the coaches choosing. I did it! The before pic is in Jan 2021. The after is now, in April 2021.

I’m not where I want to be, but I’ve come far in my eyes and I am very proud of myself. I LOVE both women, but April woman feels so much better!

Kelli, Amy, and Lauren never let me fail. They say I am stronger than I think. I doubt myself a lot, but after seeing this I need to keep moving forward and STOP looking back.

So if you want to join me at the BEST gym ever, with the BEST coaches ever, come and join me you WILL NOT regret it!!

Candace Drury, BMFer since 2018

I started at BMF about 4 years ago.  I was new to the area and looking for a new gym and kept passing by this small studio gym that looked so intriguing to me advertising so many fun classes.  Decided to try it out one morning and haven’t looked back since.  I was at my heaviest weight ever and disgusted with myself for getting so out of shape.  I was usually the one who entered a gym with headphones not wanting to socialize, just get my workout in and leave but this place was totally different for me.  Everyone was so welcoming right when I walked in the front door. I didn’t know anyone so I welcomed all the friendly and welcoming faces.  They were doing a free 2 weeks special so I made sure I took total advantage of it and went every day.  I soon found new friends and different workouts, nothing was the same and classes were actually fun.  I soon developed a very close-knit bond with the people there and we all motivated each other in a way I never knew before.  I looked forward to seeing my friends and getting through every workout with them each day.  The trainers Kelli, Amy, and Lauren are top-notch.  Always there for you and always having your back and making sure we have proper form and technique.  Not only that, they are true friends. Always reaching out and keeping connected on a personal level, they really make you feel special.

Then came my first challenge they offered.  The trainers gave us specific guidelines to follow and it was hard to fail with everyone involved and in your corner wanting you to succeed.  I lost almost 30 pounds, got into the best shape of my life and felt great about myself again after being so lost for so long.  Could not have done this without their support.

I really feel a part of a family being a part of Blast and really appreciate the extra time, love and effort the trainers have for us all.  It’s an amazing gym, so thankful I decided to give it a try 4 years ago.

Brandy Adeokun, BMFer since 2015

I became a member of the BMF during the summer of 2015. But I was not consistent. By a January 2016, I was more consistent with my workouts but nothing changed with my eating habits. January 2019, I took control of my life thanks to the coaches at BMF. Kelli presented us with a challenge that not only helped us to lose weight but to also understand our relationship with food. We eat to live not live to eat. Food is suppose to fuel the body. I finally learned how to prepare meals at home that were nutritious and satisfying. I had more energy and didn’t feel stuffed all of the time. My workouts at gym improved to the point that I had more endurance and was able to lift more.  I was so happy with the changes in my body that I completed 4 challenges that year. They were not all about weight loss but being the best YOU that you can be; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m proud to say at the end of 2019, I was 37 pounds lighter.

I’m so grateful for BMF Fitness because even when I wasn’t doing my part, they have always done theirs. From inspiring phone calls and text messages to the in-class motivational speeches, the coaches at BMF have set the bar high compared to other gyms. The personable interaction makes the workouts even better. The members are also very caring, loving, and supportive. Most, if not all of us, have formed relationships outside of the gym. Being a part of Blast is like being a part of one big happy family!! We laugh together and cry together but more importantly, we hold each other accountable. We check on one another and encourage each other. There’s no place like BMF. I love it there and you will too! #BMFer4life!

Cindi Gilchrist, BMFer since 2016

My Name is Cindi Jean Gilchrist.  I am 59 years old and have been on my health journey for the past three years.

My story is much like others I have heard.  My story starts off with a normal childhood and healthy weight. My weight gain started after I was abused – I found comfort in food and my weight suffered because of that.  By my high school years, I had reached 300lbs and by my 23rd birthday, I was nearly 500.  My health was deteriorating, and I was losing my life.

At the age of 28, of my doctor’s recommendation, I had weight loss surgery.  The surgery does decrease the amount of food you can consume (in the beginning) but it does not help with WHY you consume food and how food addiction can lock and trap you.  For the next 28 years, my weight went up and down like a roller coaster.

My new life started the day I walked into BMF.  A dear friend invited me to join her at the gym – she could see that my health was out of control; I am so grateful and happy that I accepted her invitation.  When I agreed to go, I thought it was going to be like everything else I had tried – but I would at least give it a shot.  On the first visit, I met the owner, Kelli and she asked me “What do YOU want?”  I have heard so many sales pitches from gyms and trainers about what they could do for me, how they could help me based on what they thought I wanted, but they never asked me what I wanted.  My answer to her was “No Bullshit!” What I didn’t realize that day was it was really my OWN bullshit that I was talking about.

So, I jumped in with both feet!! The coaches at BMF were there for me every step of the way.  They helped me learn that my weight is only a small part of a healthy lifestyle.  I have learned that getting “healthy” takes time and I am willing to put in as much time as it takes!!



My body has gotten stronger.  My mind has gotten sharper.  My relationship with food has gotten better.  Yet, I know that I am still learning and discovering what I want my life and my health to look like.  I know that I now will live the rest of my life with my health being a priority.  I will live PROUD – proud to have overcome being a victim, proud regardless of the number on the scale, proud to know that I love myself enough to take good care of myself.

I say the coaches at BMF saved my life.  They say that I SAVED MY LIFE – that I did all the hard work and made the commitment.  But I know if it wasn’t for them, I would not be here to write this testimony.  My hope for everyone reading this is that you find and surround yourself with people who love and support you enough to say “No Bullshit!”


When I walked into BMF, I was brand new to Spring, knew approximately 3 people, and one of them had pestered me all summer long to try her gym.  So, to appease her and prove that I indeed did not like gyms (I was a runner and that was all my lonely self needed), I gave it the free trial. But as life would have it, during that trial period, I was coming to terms with these facts: not only did I need interactions beyond my children, but also, that my wheelchair-bound daughter wouldn’t stop growing at 30lbs. I distinctly remember looking at adaptive equipment and being told I’d need to purchase a house full to assist in her care.  As a small woman, it was recommended I do so within a year because as my child grew, I would soon not be strong enough to lift her without hurting myself.  Well, I didn’t like that answer and that fact alone was enough to change my focus away from only running fast. So, I joined BMF with the goals of gaining strength to properly care for my daughter, getting adult interaction, and really really wanting arm muscle. Just one was enough for me.  Thus, began my journey of showing up and showing up and showing up and allowing Kelli to coach me.  Fast forward 4+ years, and not only do I have more than one arm muscle, I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be, just as fast as I was, have acquired an entire second family of the most amazing people, and I’m still doing all the lifting and care for my daughter without hurting myself. To say Kelli and BMF have had an impact on my life is an understatement…. but I still don’t like gyms.
Lauren Perkins

BMF Coach and Mom to Sextuplets, BMFer since 2016

I have been a BMFer for 3 years now.  Not only is BMF Fitness the gym I work out at, but it is my fitness family where I have learned healthier ways of eating and made lifelong friends.  Not only am I able to work out with friends but every workout is different and the coaches encourage us along the way.  This fitness family is a community where if you miss a couple of workouts your friends will be texting you to see where you are and make sure that you are okay, and if you need encouragement to get back to it they will provide that too!

Blast Mobile Fitness is the best gym around!  The members stick by each other through all phases/times- good and bad in life.  It is a gym that supports each other and stands with each other.  I am so proud to say that I am a BMFer!  XOXOXO

Kristen Saucier

BMFer since 2017

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I don’t remember when I started coming to BMF, but I wish I had gotten here sooner. I started coming to classes to support my wife; she had never wanted to join any gym before, and I admit I was skeptical. I have had memberships at every major chain gym in the area but have never found the atmosphere of fun accountability as what we have at BMF. It’s been a great experience from Day 1. Some guys may think they “know what it’s about”, but I promise if you’ll drop the ego at the door and be willing to work, it will change you for the better……I know it has for me.

This is not a gym for just guys and it is not just for ladies. It’s a place for ANYONE wanting to be smarter with their overall health and live life better.

Jason Farmer

BMFer since 2016

I started my fitness journey again after falling off the wagon for a few years in the Spring of 2018.  I had recently started a new job and my work and home life balance was way out of whack.  In a short 6 months, I had gone from running a few half marathons a year to not working out AT ALL, hence gaining 15 pounds.  I felt horrible.  I wasn’t sleeping well.   My clothes didn’t fit.  I knew that I had to do something.  While on Facebook one night, I saw a post from Blast Mobile Fitness (now BMF Fitness) about a 6-week challenge at the gym.  That challenge was just what I needed.  I received nutritional support, emotional support, and accountability.  After the 6 weeks, I lost some weight and was really feeling better.  I still struggled with the root of my problem- balance.  So, when the challenge ended, I reverted back to old eating habits and found excuses not to make it to the gym.  I was a busy working mom!

It wasn’t until the Seeds of Change Challenge in the Fall of 2019 that I found my balance and stuck to it.  I now work out 4-5 days a week consistently.  I have finally lost that 15 pounds.  But even more, I have found the importance of self-care and balance.  I know that in order to feed my family (and myself) healthy meals, I have to meal prep for the week on Sundays.  If not, we end up in the Chick-Fil-A drive-through or ordering pizza three times a week.  I have also learned to disconnect in the evenings- My work and my email will be there tomorrow.  Taking an hour out of my day for me has made me a more patient mother and has helped my sleep each night.  Believe it or not, I’m even still sticking to a day a week of Meatless Monday! Now at almost 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life!  I’m not as concerned with my weight and the number on that scale.  Instead, I focus on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and being healthier and stronger.

Mandy Land

BMFer since 2015

Until about two years ago, I had always shied away from trainers and group exercise. With a high-stress job that requires long hours, three kids, and numerous other commitments I had always preferred to “do my own thing”. I have frequented different gyms my whole life but, if I am being honest, I have never truly been able to hold on to those results. Results that I worked so hard for. That changed when I started going to BMF. I originally started going in the mornings just to spend more time with my wife. As I started to get to know Kelli, Amy, and the coaches at BMF I realized there was so much more to my health than just lifting weights. Of course, the workouts are unique and innovative but, the biggest reason I am improving my overall health and results is that everyone who surrounds me at BMF cares about my success, too. It isn’t all about the workouts either. Have you ever had a personal trainer bring you into her kitchen and show you how to cook healthy meals? I have. Have you ever gone on a weekend hike with the other people in your gym class? I have. Are you motivated to get up on a holiday morning with those same people to do a boot camp? I am. Do you get texts from more than just the coaches if you miss a few days? I do. I went to BMF to get a workout but instead, I found an extended family. A family that helps me live a lifestyle–a lifestyle that helps me keep those results!

Cliff Coker

BMFer since 2019

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