We revolutionize your workout regimen!

With the coolest, most creative craze in group fitness and the most knowledgeable health and wellness coaches, our full-service group exercise studio is home to anyone who seeks positive motivation as they get fit and healthy.

We have a comprehensive approach to helping you meet your health and fitness goals.
Our programs and services are designed to fit into your busy life.



Any attendee at any fitness level can attend any of our classes.

During class, BMF coaches address the needs of each individual in the class.

No matter if you’re a 18 or a 65-year-old grandmother, everyone in the class gets an incredible workout.

COVID-19 cleanliness and social distancing guidelines are being followed.

Our class schedule changes regularly to challenge our members.



Nutrition and Fitness

Our certified experts offer personalized lifestyle management/coaching, nutrition consulting, mobile fitness classes, on-campus pre-school fitness classes, sports-specific training, healthy cooking lessons or parties, and kitchen pantry makeovers to transform your life.

We determine your specific fitness goals so that you can track your results.

Physical assessment, body fat analysis by measurements, meal planning and timing, weekly exercise plan designs, and individualized training are included.

We offer individual consultation, small group training (2-4 attendees), and customized corporate wellness plans. Single sessions and packages are available and all sessions are by appointment only.

Private fee-based fitness parties, with a format of your choice, are available based upon request.

Choose one format or fuse a few – either at the studio, online, or let us come to you!

Girls Night Out, birthday, or just for fun are great reasons to book your party.


Fitness Challenges

Throughout the year, our Blast community participates in special challenge events.

During a challenge, our members focus on specific fitness goals for a specific timeframe, all to produce an expected outcome.

Example fitness goals could relate to fat loss, muscle gain, toning specific body parts like arms and abdomen, or consistent fitness commitment.

Challenges may last for 30 days, six weeks, 12 weeks, 70 days, or other time frames to match the selected fitness goal.

Check out our latest BMF challenge. If you’re ready then get on the waitlist so you’re notified before the next challenge begins.


Specialty Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs – Whether you have a company that has 2 or 200, we can meet with company leadership to create unique programming based on your needs. Healthy eating, food log, on-site exercise. Includes discounted membership to our gym where you can workout and participate in our challenges.

Mobile Fitness Party – Mobile spin class or private yoga session. We can come to your home and provide any type of class you want. Pricing is based on the travel distance and level of complexity to reproduce the class at your location. Contact us to customize your party.

Kids Fitness Program – We take fitness to any private Montessori School or other private daycare to teach the kids overall wellness and healthy eating. Contact us to discuss pricing.

Onsite Classes for Teachers – We will go to your school to host a class for a group of teachers. This is an opportunity for the teachers to workout together. All around full-body workout in bootcamp styled format. Contact us to book your class.

Healthy Cooking Classes – Our Founder, Kelli, hosts classes for a maximum of 6 people in her home. She covers a full menu, plus techniques and processes for cooking the food plus ways to make it extra flavorful. Nutritional value of the food they are cooking is provided to show attendees how easy it is to make clean, healthy food in their own homes. The class usually lasts 4 -6 hours and each attendee will get 6 or 12 meals to take home to their families. Open to Members and Guests.  Price: $160

Seminars, Specialty Classes and Education – In the past our seminars have included; Summer Eating Strategies, Macro Counting, Supplements, and Financial Fitness, to name a few. The focus is on overall wellness and components of a happy, healthy life. Get on our mailing list so you’re notified when the next class will be held.


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