• We revolutionize your workout regimen!
  • We simply healthy eating.
  • We relate to your struggle.
  • We keep you on track!
  • We meet you where you are – then show you the way to wellness.

Our programs are everything you’ll need under one roof – for one price.




Any person, at any fitness level, can workout with us! We got you!

During class, BMF coaches address the needs of each individual.  Personal Training just takes that even a step further. 

No matter if you’re 18 or 85, everyone in the class gets personalized guidance and an incredible workout.

Our class schedule changes regularly to challenge your bodies and keep uour brains from getting bored.




Your nutrition is EVERYTHING!!  Changing the way you eat is the hardes part, no doubt, but we will be with you every step of the way.  Our certified nutrition coaches offer personalized nutrition coaching, lifestyle management/coaching, healthy cooking lessons and even kitchen pantry makeovers.

We help you set specific goals, track your results and tweak your program as needed.  Our realistic, sustainable approach to nutrition will leave you wondering why you didn’t find us sooner!





Fitness Challenges

Throughout the year, our BMF community participates in special challenge events.

During a challenge, our members focus on specific fitness goals for a specific timeframe, all to produce an expected outcome; Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Attendance, etc.

Challenges may last for 30 days, six weeks, 12 weeks, 70 days, or other time frames to match the selected fitness goal.

Check out our latest BMF challenge. If you’re ready then get on the waitlist so you’re notified before the next challenge begins.


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