Last week I posted a “10 Reasons why you should join BMF” Facebook post. I just sat at the computer and quickly rattled off the first 10 reasons that came to my mind. I wrote that post in about 5 minutes – completely speaking from the heart. All of the reasons listed are true, are honest, and are legit. Really, I can give you 100 reasons to join – but you only need ONE reason…….what’s your reason?

Why do you want to get healthy?

Only you can answer that. Only you know the real reason. Now, once you’ve answered the question – own the answer!! Stop procrastinating, stop telling yourself that you have all the time in the world (because you don’t), stop making excuses. OWN THE ANSWER!! Then find the perfect place and the perfect people to help you execute the plan. I believe we are that place and can be those people for you!!

Just in case you missed it.

10 Reasons why you should join the BMF Fitness Family:

10 – Support local small businesses!! We are locally owned and operated by Kelli Barrett, CPT, CGFS, CSN. Kelli’s family has been a Spring resident since 1998 🙂

9 – BMF is a Klein ISD fitness partner. BMF participates in many Klein ISD community events such as the Annual Family Health Fair, local school fairs, and is an approved Kleinwell and OCPE provider. Additionally, BMF holds an annual charity event to help national and local causes.

8 – The BMF membership is UNLIMITED!! No split memberships, No fee-based programs, No tiered memberships! Pay one price, get everything we offer!

7 – Membership prices are beating the competition by 40%!! Pure Barre, Orange Theory, Crossfit, CycleBar…..all of these are specialty boutique fitness centers that charge nearly double what we do…AND….we provide a more comprehensive, complete schedule of classes. Get more for less money!!

6 – BMF provides personal training, small group training, and nutritional consulting services in addition to our regular group fitness classes.

5 – The BMF Instructors are experienced, certified professionals who make safety a priority!

4 – All of the BMF classes are unique, created, and mastered by the instructors who teach them. No licensed classes mean no redundancy!! Get fresh, new, effective workouts every time!

3 – VARIETY!! We have 10 formats!! If you don’t like to spin, no sweat, we have yoga, pilates, barre, lifting, step, and much more!

2 – Personal attention. Classes are not overcrowded. Enjoy a class where the coach/instructor knows your name, can help you personally with form or exercise variations, and will personally ensure that your workout is safe and fun.

1 – The BEST reason to join the BMF Family is YOU!! Our Fitness Family is made of people just like you. People who want to better their health and wellness, find support and motivation and feel great about themselves. Getting healthy and fit isn’t easy – do it among people who “get it” and will be with you every step of the way!!!

PS…’s another reason……TWO WEEKS FOR FREE!!!
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